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Our Story

Urban Lampscapes was founded by, Charlie Ezerzer and best friend Joe Ponciano (Lead Photographer). We’ve been traveling the world and experiencing adventures together for 25 years. There was no denying that a significant part of our bond was formed due to our shared passion of travel and art.  The culture captured and created by street art has always fascinated us both. It’s (usually) anonymous artists creating nonconformist art to be shared with the public. In contrast to what you find in galleries, it is uncontrolled, often disagreeable, but mostly urban, interesting, and fresh. We’ve wander throughout city streets, alleyways, trekked through towns and villages to find unique pieces of street art, all in anticipation of discovering thought-provoking pieces to create the perfect shot.

A lot of people tend to recognize street art and graffiti as the same thing, but really street art is a modern art form or trend predated by graffiti. Graffiti is limited to what an individual can do with a spray can on the spot within the given space. Street art, on the other hand, while employing some of the same application techniques as graffiti, often involves a finished product that is ready-made and brought to the location such as stickers, prints, and stencils, as a single work or multi-combined method work. It can also be adapted to varying sizes of spaces and on many different types of surfaces.

One New York blogger further differentiated the two; “Graffiti is a medium for border line criminals and maniacs who insist on testing every limit. Street art is for frustrated graphic designers with too much time on their hands and not enough creative control in their day jobs.” Even with this distinction, we still see much variation from our street artists’ backgrounds. Basquiat is a self-taught artist and high school dropout, while Banksy is an underground, London-based artist and vandal. On the other hand, you have street artists like Morley, who is rumored to have received formal training at The School of Visual Arts in New York.

We have always wanted to share this art form in a similar light to the unique way it is experienced on the streets. The heart and spirit of this art comes from the way it is created under the guise of night and how it really comes to life once it is touched by the light of day. That is where we received our inspiration to do the same. During the day you can enjoy the lamp as a piece of art, same as you would on the street. The difference is that the pieces take on a whole new life with vivid colors and functional beauty when turned on at night or in darker environments. 

Originally, we produced just one for our own enjoyment. We then ended up receiving so many requests from family and friends to make them available for purchase that we decided to start our company and begin producing more. In order to cater to different tastes, we have over two hundred pieces of artwork on our website to choose from, as well as over twenty thousand images in our library so we can continue adding to our available options. We are selling limited edition lamps to small stores at this time and will be expanding the retail side of our business in the coming months. We have collaborated with interior designers and design firms as well. There is also a section on our website where individuals may send us photos or artwork that they would like to have custom made.

Product Information: Printed with a special raised ink that is fade and water-resistant. Made with durable polycarbonate material, with small-perforated coating and a smooth reflective coat on the other side. Urban Lampscapes lamps are to be used with only eco-friendly LED bulb.

First street art image used by us to make a pendent light (Williamsburg, NY)
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